Capital of the Leiria District, Leiria is located in the Central Region of Portugal, along the coast and close to national and international reference areas.



View of the City of Leiria


In addition to its privileged location, the Municipality also enjoys an excellent network of road and rail infrastructures, which guarantee speed and convenience in travel.

At the national level, Leiria is close to the Portuguese capital, Lisbon, and the city of Porto. Also, close to seaports located in Figueira da Foz and Aveiro, intended for the transport of goods. Less than 1 hour away, there are cities like Coimbra and Santarém. Travel by train is possible via the Western Line, connecting Lisbon to Figueira da Foz and Coimbra Station, and also the Northern Line connecting Lisbon and Porto.



Dom Álvaro Abranches Noronha Street

Internationally, the existing motorways provide accessibility, both to neighboring Spain, as well as to countries in Central and Northern Europe. These trips can also be carried out by air, using the international airports of Lisbon and Porto. Leiria Bus Station also offers national and international connections. The Municipality is open to new cultures and traditions, as well as the establishment of international connections, as demonstrated by the existence of cooperation and friendship agreements with cities all over the world.

Over the next few years, the region foresees the improvement of the railway network, as well as the creation of an airport, which gives Leiria a relevant potential for future economic growth. In addition to these, there are several projects in which Leiria is deeply committed, in a collaborative environment between several entities and with the objective of increasing competitiveness and innovation in the region, for example: the renovation of the Municipal Market, the creation of the Monte Redondo Business Park or the creation of the Leiria Innovation Hub, the new Business Center in Leiria.



Leiria Innovation Hub

Find out more about the Municipality of Leiria at Visite Leiria, and come visit us.



View of the City of Leiria

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